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Journal of the International Arthurian Society (JIAS)



The Journal of the International Arthurian Society (JIAS) publishes articles on any aspect of Arthurian literature written in any language and in any period of time, medieval and post-medieval, including adaptations in modern media, as long as these draw on literary texts. JIAS complements the annual Bibliography of the International Arthurian Society (BIAS), and together these two components represent the main publications of the society, previously printed together under the title Bibliographical Bulletin of the Arthurian Society/ Bulletin Bibliographique de la Société Internationale Arthurienne (BBIAS / BBSIA). BBIAS / BBSIA has been published continuously by the society since 1949. The last combined volume of the bibliography and research articles was BBIAS/BBSIA LXIII, published in 2011, containing the bibliography for 2010.

​JIAS has been included in the EIRH European Reference Index for the Humanities and Social Sciences with ‘international’ status. See: https://dbh.nsd.uib.no/publiseringskanaler/erihplus/periodical/info?id=480673

The first issue of JIAS has also received a very positive review in Perspectives médiévales n°36:https://peme.revues.org/8596.

Editorial Board

(Editor) Dr. Leah Tether, University of Bristol (Medieval Literature and Digital Cultures)

(Deputy Editor), Dr. Samantha J. Rayner, University College London (English and Publishing)

Prof. Raluca Radulescu, Bangor University (English and Comparative Literature)

Prof. Keith Busby, University of Wisconsin Madison (French and Comparative Literature)

Dr Frank Brandsma, University of Utrecht (French and Dutch)

Prof. Bart Besamusca, University of Utrecht (Dutch)

Prof. Ad Putter, Bristol University (English)

Prof. Andrew Lynch, University of Western Australia (English, medieval to modern)

Prof. Norris Lacy, Penn State University (French, medieval and medievalism)

Prof. Christine Ferlampin Acher, University of Rennes (French)

Prof. Fabrizio Cigni, University of Rome (Italian)

Prof. Richard Trachsler, University of Zurich (French)

Dr Ceridwen Lloyd Morgan, University of Bangor and Cardiff (Celtic Studies)

Dr Carolyne Larrington, Oxford University (Old Norse)

Prof. Matthias Meyer, University of Vienna (German)

Prof. Cora Dietl, Justus-Liebig-Universität Gießen (German)

Dr Martine Meuwese, University of Utrecht (Art history)

Prof. Sian Echard, University of British Columbia (medieval Latin literature)

Prof. Juan Miguel Zarandona, Universidad de Valladolid (Spanish, post-medieval)

Prof. José Carlos Ribeiro Miranda, University of Porto (Spanish and Portuguese, medieval)

Prof. Paloma Gracia, University of Granada (Spanish and Catalan, medieval)


Submissions from all categories of scholars, including postgraduate students, early career researchers and independent scholars are welcome, as are submissions from non-members of the society.

Submissions are accepted in all three official languages of the Society (English, French and German). The recommended length for submissions is around 7,000 words (including endnotes), but shorter articles as well as longer ones of up to 10,000 will be considered. Anyone proposing to submit anything beyond these limits should contact the editor first. The journal does not publish notes.

Survey chapters of the ‘état présent’ in one linguistic field of Arthurian literature are commissioned by the editor (in consultation with the editorial board) every year, and are in the region of 7,000-10,000 words.

Guidelines for Submission

JIAS follows the MHRA (Modern Humanities Research Association) style guide, available freely online at http://www.mhra.org.uk/Publications/Books/StyleGuide/download.shtml (see chapters 10 and 11 in particular).

Double spacing should be used throughout, including quotations and endnotes, which should be in the same size of type as the rest of the article (Times New Roman, font 12). The text should be aligned to the left, not justified. Quotations and references should be checked carefully. Quotations from texts in one of the three official languages of the society should be given in the original without translation, while quotations from other languages, including Latin, should be accompanied by a translation into the modern language in which the submission is written. Captions and illustrations should be placed at the end.

If an article is accepted for publication, authors should provide 100-200 word abstracts in the three official languages of the Society, and a set of keywords. For submissions in English JIAS uses British spelling.

Copies of any illustrations should accompany the initial submission. Images will normally be in black and white; exceptionally colour images may be allowed if the argument of the article requires this. For initial consideration images may be sent in the form of scanned photocopies. On acceptance for publication images should be forwarded to the editor promptly, along with details of captions and permissions. It is the responsibility of the author to secure copyright permissions from the relevant copyright holder for any images used, and to meet any costs incurred.

Submissions should be sent electronically to the Editor, Dr Leah Tether (leah.tether@bristol.ac.uk) AND the Deputy Editor, Dr Samantha Rayner (s.rayner@ucl.ac.uk). The subject line should read, in capitals, NEW SUBMISSION or RESUBMISSION (as appropriate). Enquiries about submissions are welcome, to the same address(es).

JIAS operates a double blind peer-review system; for this purpose the electronic submission (in Word format only) should not include any details such as your name, address or professional affiliation. Please include a separate coversheet with your submission, indicating your name and institutional affiliation, along with the title of your essay. In order to anonymise your electronic submission you need to go into the properties menu of your document (via the ‘File’ menu), and remove your name and institutional affiliation if they appear there. Your name and any other identifying information (academic affiliation, address, etc.) should appear only on your coversheet; this information will be removed from copies sent to readers. The author should also avoid any self-identification in the argument or documentation of the article. Final decisions about the acceptance of a submission for publication in JIAS are made by the Editor.

The Journal of the International Arthurian Society regrets that it will charge contributors for the cost of corrections in proof which the Editor in his or her discretion considers excessive. Contributors should keep a copy of their typescript and electronic submission. Typescripts not accepted for publication will not normally be returned. If your article is accepted, you will be asked to supply a definitive version of it in both hard copy and as an email attachment and must make sure the two are identical.

It is a condition of publication in this journal that authors of articles assign copyright, including electronic copyright, to the International Arthurian Society. This allows the Editor to deal efficiently and consistently with requests from third parties for permission to reproduce material. Permission, without a fee, for authors to use their own material in other publications, after a reasonable period of time has elapsed, is not normally withheld. It should be requested in writing from the Editor.

On publication of each issue of the journal authors will receive, by email, the finalized pdf file of their contribution as it appears in the printed volume.


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