About us

The British Branch of the International Arthurian Society is a network of people, mostly from the UK, who take a scholarly interest in the literature, art, and film, of all periods, which is centred on the Arthurian legends, and the history and archaeology of the post-Roman and early Mediaeval period in Western Europe. Many of the members are university teachers, but the Society welcomes independent scholars whose interest is serious and not sensationalist. Each year it contributes to the International Society’s Bibliography, which contains references to, and brief synopses of, the majority of relevant scholarly books and articles published worldwide; this is supplied free to members. While the International Society holds a triennial Congress, we organise a local British Branch conference in the invening years (details on our events page). In order to join the society, you have to apply through your local branch, so do click through to our How to join page to find out what you need to do to join via the British Branch.

The British Branch publishes a yearly Newsletter (which you’ll find on our News page) and administers the Vinaver Trust/Barron Bequest Award for postgraduate study (see our Awards page).

The British Branch also has a group on Facebook where members are encouraged to post links to articles, jobs, events, or anything else that might be of interest to British Branch members.

The Committee

Hon Presidents: Professor Archibald, Dr Bromiley, Professor Field, Professor Riddy, Dr Neil Thomas, Professor Karen Pratt, Professor Le Saux

President:  Raluca Radulescu

Secretary: Laura Chuhan Campbell

Treasurer:  Leah Tether

Bibliographer:  Johnny McFadyen and team

Web Officer:  Rebecca Lyons

Committee members

Elizabeth Archibald (immediate past president), Carolyne Larrington, Carlos Sanz-Mingo, Caroline Palmer, Megan Leitch, Helen Fulton, Francoise Le Saux

About us