Rewriting Arthurian Matter: Homage to Harvey L. Sharrer

​The French originals were repeatedly rewritten in many ways, in a process of recreation that transformed them profoundly, altering their aesthetic and ideological dimensions while it expanded their reception. The prosification and the cyclical nature of the matter favoured themes and original forms that were disseminated throughout Europe. And this transfer often entailed a linguistic translation, which was the subject, many times also, of its own and long rewriting, as was the case in the Iberian Peninsula, where, in addition, it provided the model for the indigenous romance Amadís de Gaula. These different rewritings and their processes are, therefore, the themes of the colloquium.

Registration fees are set at €65 for participants who belong to any of the various branches of the International Arthurian Society and €100 for others who register, but discounts will be granted in order to favour the participation of researchers from Latin America. February is a good month to visit Granada and enjoy the views of the snow-covered Sierra Nevada and where 30 km away it is possible to ski under the sun. The city has an airport, although, in many cases, it is more convenient to fly to Malaga, located an hour away.

Paloma Gracia, secretary of the Hispanic branch of the International Arthurian Society