​Professor Emeritus Norris Lacy – Award for Lifetime Service to Arthurian Studies

The International Arthurian Society would like to extend its warmest congratulations to Professor Emeritus Norris Lacy, who has received an Award for Lifetime Service to Arthurian Studies from the North American Branch.

The award was created specially to honour Professor Lacy, whose scholarship has made a substantial impact in the area of medieval French Arthurian literature. In addition to his work on Chrétien de Troyes and his editions of the Romance of Tristan, many members will be familiar with Professor Lacy’s Arthurian Encyclopaedia, as well as the Arthurian Handbook which he co-edited with Geoffrey Ashe.

Professor Lacy’s five-volume translation of the Old French Vulgate Cycle has also contributed significantly to making this important text available to a wider audience of scholars and students.