JIAS (Journal of the International Arthurian Society) biennial essay prize competition

​Brief announcement/reminder: submissions are currently being welcomed to the JIAS (Journal of the International Arthurian Society) essay prize competition! Note that this has now become a biennial prize.

Deadline: 15 March 2017.

Categories of scholars invited to submit: young researchers (postgraduates, early career) and even ones (independent, not in a full-time academic position). Submissions can be in any of the three languages of the society (English, French or German) and the word limit is the same as for usual submissions (7,000 words, including endnotes - no separate bibliography is required).

Submissions can be sent for consideration under both categories simultaneously. More details from the editor, Prof. Raluca Radulescu (r.radulescu@bangor.ac.uk; jias@bangor.ac.uk).