British Branch Digital Activities Day - Keith Busby’s plenary available online

Keith Busby’s plenary from the British Branch’s Digital Activities Day is now available online for Society members.

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Keith Busby: “From There to Here, from Then to Now: Half a Century of French Arthurian Studies”

(Chair: Leah Tether, University of Bristol, British Branch President)

In this talk, I will take snapshots of Arthurian scholarship in the 1970s and at the present day, to see how the landscape has changed over the period. My reflections will be gallocentric, but should provide points of comparison with Arthurian studies in other linguistic areas. My topics and texts for consideration will be selective. I will discuss the progress made in reading and understanding: 1) Chrétien de Troyes’s first four romances; 2) The Conte du Graal and its Continuations; 3) The post-Chrétien verse romances; 4) The Vulgate Cycle (Lancelot-Graal); 5) Later prose romances, including the transition to print.