2014 International Congress Bursaries Available!

​The British Branch of the International Arthurian Society is delighted to be in a position to award a few small bursaries to help early career scholars with attendance for this July’s International Congress in Bucharest. The eligibility criteria are as follows:

  1. To be classed as an early career researcher, you must be within 8 years of the award of your PhD or be a current PhD student.
  2. You must be a fully paid-up member of the British Branch of the Arthurian Society.
  3. You must have registered (and paid) to attend the Congress in Bucharest.
  4. You must NOT have been offered any other funding towards attendance by research boards/councils, your institution, the International Committee of the IAS etc.
  5. If successful, you must be willing to write a short blog-type post on the Congress (around 250 words) for the IAS website by the end of August 2014.

In order to apply, please fill out the application form below and email it to the Treasurer, at leah.tether@anglia.ac.uk, along with scans/copies of receipts for any travel/accommodation/registration already booked, by Thursday 15th May. Entries received after this time will not be considered. Awards will typically be in the region of £25-£100, and will be made dependant on the number of eligible applications. Successful applicants will have the funds transferred directly to their accounts by the end of May. The Treasurer’s decision on awards is final.

2014 Congress Bursary Application form